"Take networking from awkward to awesome "

At Xploryo,we believe that meeting new people is the best way to find inspiration & new opportunities. So we set out to make professional networking simple, efficient and enjoyable for everyone. Providing the personalized, mindful way of networking. Based on your interests and experience.


"Success begins and ends with people"

Xploryo helps you to execute your vision of giving everyone a voice. It’s a system where everybody can give feedback . Allowing you to create a performance management process that drives a culture of feedback by putting people in the driver’s seat of their professional development. So, you can focus on achieving business objectives and retaining your best people.

Live Q/A

"Start interacting with your Audience today"

Live Q&A is another simple, effective way to get a conversation going with the people present or watching your live events and offers a potent way to cultivate stronger, more immediate engagement with your audience. Xploryo provides you with a real-time web application for your site that enables you to promote your brand through live Q&A events in a highly engaging, interactive and effective way.

Live Polls

"Engage Your Audience With Live Polls"

Collect real-time insights about your audience. Ask your participants their opinion and let them vote instantly from any device without any hassle. Xploryo help you to choose the poll type that most suits your needs. Enabling you to create a new poll in a few seconds, and feeding the results live in real time.

Event Insights

"Make data-driven decisions"

Strengthen teams by providing live insights which are needed to make data-driven decisions. Track trends and anticipate roadblocks and be over them in time and visualize progress on engagement levels, and more.

Data Privacy

"It's all about security and privacy"

From your login credentials to personal feedback; Everyday, people and Organizations trust us with important and confidential information.

Get your Event website for free.

Get a great event website represeting your brand . Single page or multiple pages , you choose we deliver . Lets make your event live now .